SIMALFA® – water-based adhesives

SIMALFA® is the first water-based, solvent-free adhesive product series worldwide with high instant tack for foam processing. Since then, the innovative pioneer product has developed into the industry leader and has established itself as the international standard. The adhesives are used by top foam processing companies to produce mattresses, upholstered furniture, automotive and aircraft seats and much more.

The strong instant tack makes SIMALFA® unique and bonds parts immediately on application. Thanks to its very high yield, you optimise your work processes and achieve valuable time and cost savings in production. In addition, users appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of the low maintenance system. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly one-component adhesives help you to meet ecological standards and regulations.

Inline Production with SIMALFA®

Simply the fastest.

Pack mattresses immediately after production with the especially for the inline production designed SIMALFA® adhesives. Maximize efficiency, reduce storage space requirements (no temporary storage) and increase process reliability at the same time. Ideal for the efficient, time-saving and cost-effective bonding of foams.

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