30 years SIMALFA®

We are proud to celebrate SIMALFA®‘s 30th anniversary on 25 July 2020!

The success story of SIMALFA® started on 25 July 1990, when the world’s first one-component water-based adhesive, with high instant tack for the bonding of foam, was patented.

In the last 30 years SIMALFA® established itself as an international standard for efficient, ecological and user-friendly adhesive application. For users from a wide variety of industries, SIMALFA® is today the measure of all things for the bonding of flexible foam and upholstery material.

30 years

top know-how

Top Know-How

We have been developing water-based adhesives for more than 30 years and during this time we have gained a unique know-how for the formulation and processing of foam bonding adhesives. Unbeatable quality and performance and therefore direct advantages for the manufacturer.

✓ Evaluating the best possible adhesive
✓ Designing and optimizing the bonding process
✓ Train users the proper way of application

30 years

unmatched products


Our products define the standard for foam bonding for 30 years. Tailored to the needs of the applicator and the end product, the adhesives meet the highest requirements, also for your application.

✓ Environmentally friendly water-based adhesives
✓ Highly economical and efficient in use
✓ Best properties for high-quality bonding

30 years

best customer service

Bester Service

For 30 years we offer the best service around our products. Our customers benefit from our in-depth know-how in bonding technology and operational organisation, thus improving their bonding process sustainably and counting on a strong partner at their side.

✓ Full service solutions for the customer
Train the users the right way of application 
✓ Continuous optimization of the bonding process

30 years in the name of the environment 

The idea for SIMALFA® adhesives was born from the former opinion that it is not possible to bond foams without solvents. We successfully proved the opposite: Since the first SIMALFA® type we produce only water-based, solvent-free adhesives without environmentally harmful VOC. The replacement of solvent-based adhesives by SIMALFA®  saved hundreds of thousands of tons of VOC until today.

Our material and energy saving products and systems also ensure lowest adhesive quantities when applied. Thus we protect the environment and make the world a better place together with our customers.

Milestones of the last 30 years