Adhesive application and technology

Apart from selection of the right adhesive, the matching application system is crucial. SIMALFA® adhesives can be applied manually or automatically – both with spray guns and roller coaters. We have a great deal of experience and would be happy to advise you on the right application method.

Our SIMALFA® Free Flowing System ensures easy handling and guarantees the most reliable and affordable adhesive application. Another decisive advantage: Maintenance work on the equipment is restricted to a minimum and it’s easy to clean.


Spray application

Manual application of SIMALFA® adhesives has many advantages for you - especially for small workpieces, complicated forms or special constructions


The especially for SIMALFA ® developed Free Flowing System provides you with maximum efficiency in adhesive application.

Roller coating

The usage of rolling equipment and specialized adhesives can greatly elevate your production productivity and process stability.

Inline Production

Pack mattresses immediately after production with the especially for the inline production designed SIMALFA® adhesives.

CR-free adhesive technology

The SIMALFA® CR-free adhesives are available as both 1-component and 2-component adhesives. As with all SIMALFA® adhesive types, the new series is extremely economical to use. Even smallest application quantities efficiently bond foams and enable bonding at the highest level.

On Demand technology

The innovative on-demand system is based on our patented 1K+-technology and combines the advantages of one and two-component adhesives for foam processing.

Overspray Free

The SIMALFA® Overspray Free Technology generates a net-like spray pattern during application. This prevents individual adhesive particles from swirling and producing overspray.

UV technology

UV technology enables you to visualize adhesives at the press of a button and make it disappear again at the press of a button. As a result, you can make your work processes faster and more precise, but also minimise adhesive use.