Adhesive application and technology

Apart from selection of the right adhesive, the matching application system is crucial. SIMALFA® adhesives can be applied manually or automatically – both with spray guns and roller coaters. We have a great deal of experience and would be happy to advise you on the right application method.

Our SIMALFA® Free Flowing System ensures easy handling and guarantees the most reliable and affordable adhesive application. Another decisive advantage: Maintenance work on the equipment is restricted to a minimum and it’s easy to clean.


VOC-free adhesives

SIMALFA® is produced without adding VOC and is tested for pollutants. Independent laboratory analyses confirm that SIMALFA® meets demanding standards.

Frostresistant adhesives

Transport, storage and processing of water-based adhesives can be a real challenge during the cold season. SIMALFA® offers effective solutions to protect frost-sensitive products.

Overspray Free

The SIMALFA® Overspray Free Technology generates a net-like spray pattern during application. This prevents individual adhesive particles from swirling and producing overspray.

UV technology

UV technology enables you to visualize adhesives at the press of a button and make it disappear again at the press of a button. As a result, you can make your work processes faster and more precise, but also minimise adhesive use.

Technical informations

Our process expertise and innovation not only apply to the adhesives themselves, but also to the application and conveyors. We employ our know-how of the entire bonding process to develop equipment tailor-made for the adhesives.

1-Component Adhesives System

Adhesives that include all the elements they need for bonding in their commercial form are termed 1-component adhesives.

2-Component Adhesives

Adhesives that only set as a result of the addition of a second component are described as two-component adhesives. The second component activates the adhesive. All 2-component adhesives of the SIMALFA® series manage completely without solvents.


SIMALFA® application equipment is in general very low-maintenance. However, equipment that is clean and well looked-after naturally lasts longer.