Foam-bonding adhesives for automotive

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SIMALFA® adhesives are used in various areas of the automotive industry (seats, headliners, interiors, door panels, etc.). The high initial tack of SIMALFA® increases your profitability and provides faster production speed along with a high quality final bond. All adhesives from the series are non-hazardous and solvent-free.


Bond foams for your car seats quickly, efficiently and solvent-free in the rework or secondary operations area. With SIMALFA® you achieve an immediate, high-quality bonding of your work pieces, whether applied manually with a spray gun or automatically with spraying robots.


Also for internal bonding, SIMALFA® stands for highest quality and fast processing. The adhesives are used, among other things, for the bonding of textiles (headliner), leather (steering wheels) and various other materials used in the interior sector.


The solvent-free SIMALFA® adhesives can be used in various areas of the automotive industry. This often involves special requirements and corresponding certificates, e.g. for fire behavior or heat resistan- ce. We help you to get the corresponding certificates.


Apart from selection of the right adhesive, the matching application system is crucial. SIMALFA® adhesives can be applied manually or automatically – both with spray guns and roller. We have a great deal of experience and are happy to advise you on the best suitable application method.


SIMALFA® meets all the requirements of the industry on adhesives:

  • High heat resistance
  • Low emission values
  • Fire protection provisions
  • Soft, flexible bond line
  • Solvent-free (VOC)

Materials used that are bonded with SIMALFA®:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Moulded foam
  • PP, PC
  • Wood fiber composite
  • Spacer fabrics
  • Fabrics
  • Leather
  • Artificial leather
  • Lightweight materials

The profitable one

SIMALFA® ​​301 is a solvent-free, pressure-sensitive dispersion adhesive with a water base used for the bonding of foams.

The All-Rounder

SIMALFA® 309 is a high yield, fast-setting, water based dispersion adhesive.

CR-Free adhesive

The newest chlorine- and as a result halogen-free adhesive SIMALFA® 374 on dispersion basis.

The efficient one

SIMALFA® 3031 is used for the bonding of foam and upholstery materials – low application quantity, economic, extremely fast drying.

The accelerator

Our Accelerators are additives to improve the instant tack of SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives.
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