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Due to the increasing number of regulations to protect the environment, each step in the production of automobiles needs to be reconsidered. Although they seem like a small component of the finished vehicle, adhesives are a key contributor to various parts of this industry (seats, headliners, interiors, door panels, etc.).

By using an eco-friendly adhesive, environmental regulations are much easier to comply with. Water-based adhesives are the sustainable, high-quality alternative to solvent-based glue. In addition to ecological regulations, there are different requirements concerning the safety of the passengers. Adhesives are what holds the whole vehicle together, especially at high speeds and with high loads. In case of an accident, stability and heat resistance are two of the most important features.

Our water-based SIMALFA® adhesives can offer both: trouble-free certifications and a strong performance.

SIMALFA®: Leading the way to sustainability since 1990

For a long time, solvent-based adhesives have been the only valid option for various fields of application, including the automotive industry. But as we know today, they can pose a severe risk to workers and the environment due to their toxic ingredients. SIMALFA® was invented by our founder Emil Simmler in 1990. It is the first glue for foam bonding with instant tack in the world that is based on water, which makes it much more eco-friendly and safer to work with. For this and other revolutionary inventions ALFA Klebstoffe AG received the SME prize of the Zürcher Kantonalbank for its outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

With ingredients that have been tested for contaminants and its sustainable production, SIMALFA® can help every producer in the automotive industry to meet their environmental guidelines and emission values.

Since the beginning of our company, sustainability has always been a priority to us. Most of our products are reviewed and certified by at least one independent institution. Today, the SIMALFA® line is considered the international top standard when it comes to high-performing and sustainable adhesives.

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“Tuned” for your production

The SIMALFA® products have been specifically developed and optimized to meet the high requirements of today’s production of automobiles. Not only is their adhesion force long-lasting and stronger than that of their solvent-based counterparts – they perform better than any other water-based line in the industry. Additionally, the high instant tack and fast drying times enable efficient production without interruptions or delays.

SIMALFA® products are LGA-certified, which means they have been quality-proofed and tested for contaminants by the discerning German inspection authority TÜV Rheinland. Different parameters such as safety, usability and hygiene are tested regularly to guarantee the high quality of the adhesives.

Finding the optimal application system

In the automotive industry, automatic production steps play an important role in the efficiency of the process. Water-based adhesives can easily be applied with automatic or manual spray guns and rollers. Our spray guns have been specifically designed for easy and exact use. The spray pattern can initially be adjusted to minimize overspray and keep a clean work environment.

The manual spray guns are more flexible: They offer a specific yet simple adjustment of the air volume, the material flow and the width of the spray can. The individually adjustable set-up guarantees optimal application and a high instant tack. SIMALFA® offers several application systems with spray guns.

The easiest way is the Free Flowing System that simply uses gravity to transfer the glue from its container to the spray gun. Without any additional pressure – just a container above the workspace and a hose downwards – the Free Flowing System will enable trouble-free application.

Depending on the individual needs of our customers, we offer a wide spectrum of alternative application systems, ranging from pressurized systems to electro-pneumatic control units to rollers which allow for efficient yet precise application on bigger pieces of material. Our team will be happy to help you find and install the optimal equipment for your manufacturing site.


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Tackling different challenges at once


As is well-known, a frequent problem in the production process of car seats are blowholes and similar damages in the seat upholstering. During the removal of the produced seat upholstering out of the mould, small damages can occur. To fix these, the SIMALFA® water-based adhesives can be sprayed into the cracks with a manual spray gun and the sides can be pressed together. To fix blowholes, a small amount of foam needs to be glued into the holes. Due to the immediate and high-quality bonding, the production process can continue soon thereafter. Additionally, our adhesives are specialised to have soft and flexible glue lines. Because seats need to be able to withstand frequent use, choosing a long-lasting and eco-friendly adhesive is essential.

The new SIMALFA® 309 is a dispersion adhesive that meets the strictest requirements of today’s and future regulations and ecolabels. It is characterized by its large proportion of recyclable ingredients such as water and will take your production one big step closer to a circular economy. With its soft and flexible glue line it has been designed to fix any blowhole swiftly and smoothly. Additionally, its high yield and strong instant tack make it the perfect choice for the efficient manufacturing of high-quality seats. SIMALFA® products are used by well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry.


For internal bonding, the SIMALFA® water-based adhesives are known for their superb quality, fast processing, and unsurpassed sustainability. For the headlines and the whole interior of the autobody, adhesives for textiles and other materials are essential. Different production steps with variable materials rely on several specific features of adhesives, but purchasing several types of glue is expensive and complicated.

Our SIMALFA® line offers several high-quality solutions for a wide range of situations. Even though our water-based adhesives are made from high-quality feedstock, the cost-performance ratio is unbeatable: the required application quantity is significantly smaller, making any production process far more profitable. Just a thin coat on the surface is enough to guarantee a long-lasting and strong bond.


To protect passengers in airplanes and public transport, it is extremely important not to use easily inflammable materials. Some vehicle producers require a certificate for fire-proof materials before they can build in the individual parts. SIMALFA® 308 FR (flame-retardant) is a water-based, pressure-sensitive, wet-contact dispersion adhesive. The adhesive is free of solvents and used for the bonding of flame-retardant foams and fire-blockers. Like our other adhesives, its strong instant tack and its adhesion force make it suitable even for difficult applications.

For non-porous materials like metal, wood, or plastic, SIMALFA® 321 FR is the right choice. It is a fast-drying, water-based, single-component dispersion adhesive. The wet-contact adhesive has a very high heat resistance and can be used for a multitude of applications.

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    In the past, supply shortages have increased due to the limited availability of CR. The SIMALFA®-team has therefore expanded its adhesive portfolio with CR-free adhesives that meet current and emerging regulations.