SIMALFA®: Solutions for mattress manufacturing

Are you looking for ways to make your mattress production more efficient? SIMALFA® is the right choice for you! Unlike others, we are not just marketing our products by using fancy superlatives. Our solutions are real and well-proven. We were the original inventor of the first ever water-based adhesive with instant tack for foam bonding in 1990. Today, our SIMALFA® adhesives are the crown jewels of over 30 years of extensive research and development. This superb adhesive combines all the desired qualities for today’s mattress manufacturing: SIMALFA® products are strong and exceptionally quick drying.

Since they are water-based and do not contain any toxic VOC, they are inherently eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe to work with. On top of that, they come with innovative equipment that has been specifically designed to optimize production processes worldwide.

Problem solving done right

Mattresses are manufactured from a wide range of materials, such as

  • latex
  • polyether
  • PU foam
  • visco elastic memory foam
  • cover materials
  • felt
  • coir
  • spacer fabrics

They all have one thing in common: They need to be bonded properly. To guarantee high quality in your mattresses, the adhesive must be chosen with care. But as we all know, there are several challenges in today’s mattress manufacturing: The increasing number of online sales requires fast and efficient production of high quantities – this has implications for the material and the adhesives as well as the application method and the equipment.

Additionally, more and more customers prefer environmentally friendly products, which of course is great! SIMALFA® helps you tackle these challenges and new requirements to make sure your products are ready for the future.

The formula for sustainability and safety

All SIMALFA® adhesives are based on water and therefore much more eco-friendly than solvent-based adhesives. They have been tested for contaminants and certified by official inspection authorities, and are considered the international top standard. The lack of toxic solvents benefits the environment as well as manufacturers, as their workplace is less contaminated and fire hazards are completely eliminated.

Criteria such as user-friendliness and sustainability are also becoming increasingly important to customers. Additionally, they will be happy to buy a mattress that after unpacking is free of any unpleasant odours.

As opposed to solvent-based adhesives, our products contain no toxic solvents and have been tested for contaminants as well as various quality criteria by several discerning inspection authorities and institutions.

Our company founder Emil Simmler was the original inventor of this revolutionary innovation that has since taken over the mattress manufacturing market. From the very beginning, sustainability and safety have been our two top priorities. For more than thirty years, we have continuously developed and optimized our products into what they are today: A superb adhesive that is not only safer and more sustainable than conventional solvent-based formulas, but also stronger and more profitable than other water-based adhesives.


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Boosting productivity and profitability

Water-based adhesives are easy to apply and provide a strong instant tack without losing the option to readjust the glued materials in the first few moments. The adhesion force after drying is strong and long-lasting and the glue lines remain soft.

To achieve the best results, an even application of the adhesive on the different layers is essential. With a finely adjusted roller, the correct amount can be applied, and no material is wasted. The small application quantity allows for a short drying time and maximum efficiency. After pressing, the foam will stick together immediately. Due to the high-quality raw materials, water-based adhesives may look like a big-ticket item compared to solvent-based formulas – but only at first glance.

The application quantity required during the manufacturing process is significantly smaller, making the production more profitable. SIMALFA® has assisted thousands of companies with the installation of their new equipment for applying water-based adhesives. All of them were able to reduce the quantity of adhesive required, some of them even achieved a reduction of up to 50%! In combination with other benefits, such as eco-friendliness, making the switch from solvent-based to water-based adhesives is always a win.

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How SIMALFA® speeds up your mattress production

Fast inline production and rolled packaging require different adhesives than slower paced productions. With SIMALFA® 360, the Inline Adhesive, mattresses can be packaged immediately after the forced drying process with heat. The adhesive is extremely flexible, dries quickly and can be applied to one side with a roller. There is no logistic challenge of storing the mattresses while they dry. The strong instant tack and high adhesion force additionally improve the efficiency of the production. Last but not least, SIMALFA® 360 is free of halogen and chlorine formulated adhesive.

Gluing the smart way

SIMALFA® 3031 is called the “Efficient One” because it requires only a very small application quantity and allows for immediate packaging. It is based on a secret formula that has been specifically designed for an unprecedented reduction in drying time. The adhesive is furthermore distinguished by its outstanding wet-bonding properties, great flexibility, and heat resistance. The Efficient One can be applied with a roller or sprayer and the materials are still repositionable in the first few moments after gluing. Once completely dry, the glue lines stay soft, thus improving the quality of the mattress and keeping it flexible. Smart, right?

An additional boost

SIMALFA® ​​3382 improves your productivity. The adhesive is optimized to meet the high requirements of today’s mattress manufacturing: it is extremely versatile, featuring a high instant tack, quick drying, and flexible glue lines, so production can continue instantly after gluing. SIMALFA® 3382 can be applied one-sided with a roller and also be sprayed. Let’s give your production that extra boost!

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    CR-free adhesives

    In the past, supply shortages have increased due to the limited availability of CR. The SIMALFA®-team has therefore expanded its adhesive portfolio with CR-free adhesives that meet current and emerging regulations.