THE NEXT LEVEL for mattress manufacturing

Back in the 1990s, when no one believed it would be possible to bond foam with water-based adhesives – SIMALFA® proved the opposite. Since then, we have been constantly advancing our adhesive solutions and shaped the industry with many innovations: The revolutionary Free Flowing System in the ‘90s, the double roller application method in the early 2000s, the subsequent overspray-free, ultra-violet, and on-demand technology, and the expansion of the adhesive portfolio with frost-proof, flame-retardent, and CR-free adhesives. We go the extra mile to enrich the market with environmentally friendly and solvent-free solutions. In this article, we proudly present the next market innovation.

The SIMALFA® Competence Center

As is well known, optimizing bonding processes is very time-consuming and resource intensive. On one side, the production shall not be disturbed, but on the other, efficiency needs to be increased. We are familiar with this problem: Time and resources are always short and production pressure does not allow to stop the production lines for optimization. Testing new products can lead to a new perspective, but the results are not always scalable to production size. SIMALFA®, therefore, set the goal to enable bigger tests with a fraction of the time and resources. Manufacturers should be able to increase the efficiency of their productions without having to blindly trust third party values.

Our solution was the founding of the brand new SIMALFA® Competence Center, the world’s first foam bonding demonstration and training center. Thanks to the Center and its technical equipment, manufacturers no longer have to interrupt their production processes. At the SIMALFA® Competence Center, we demonstrate directly on-site or online, how to optimize foam productions. We can show how to design the bonding processes with the roller or spray application successfully and efficiently. SIMALFA®, therefore, set the goal to enable bigger tests with a fraction of the time and resources.

Who can visit the Competence Center?

At SIMALFA®, we produce water-based adhesives that meet the production requirements of our customers. To achieve that, we are constantly looking at the entire adhesive application process and offer solutions that best suit our customers’ individual needs.

Whether you are a manufacturer of mattresses or upholstered furniture or work in any other foam processing industry, the SIMALFA® Competence Center is open to you. It allows you to optimize the amount of applied adhesive on your different foam qualities and as a result, helps in improving your manufacturing process.

How does the Competence Center work?

Adhesive demonstrations have never been easier, thanks to the new SIMALFA® Competence Center. In just four simple steps, you can find the right adhesive solution for your products:

  1. Book a suitable appointment online or via your contact person.
  2. Send us your sample materials.
  3. At the SIMALFA® Competence Center, we will demonstrate the entire bonding process on a production scale, either live on-site or online using the latest communication technology. Whether mattresses or upholstered furniture with rollers or spray applications, we evaluate together the most suitable adhesive solution.
  4. Receive comprehensive documentation of the entire process.

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    What processes can be tested?

    In our SIMALFA® Competence Center, we offer a range of spraying equipment like our Free Flowing System for 1K- and 2K- adhesives as well as our Easy-2-Pump system for 2K-adhesives. Different container installations for 500 or 1000 kg IBC and our Free Flowing Rack for 20-kilo boxes are also displayed. Our Free Flowing System has proven its reliability since its invention in the ‘90s.

    At a spray-stand, that is equipped with a spray gun, adhesives like the 2K-adhesive SIMALFA® 825 can be applied. To produce an upholstered chair, wood and foam are often involved and with 825, these materials can be bonded together easily. But this adhesive also bonds many other materials such as different kinds of plastics, as it was specially designed for the upholstery industry. SIMALFA® 825 is characterized by a high initial tack, but at the same time, the bonded materials remain repositionable. This is a true advantage of this product when working in the upholstery industry. Learn more about the SIMALFA® 825!

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    Mattress manufacturing at the Competence Center

    The centerpiece of the SIMALFA® Competence Center is the complete mattress gluing line that consists of a double roller coater including conveyors and a hydraulic press. It also includes a heating device to force the drying process which can be used as an additional option when working with an acrylic adhesive like the SIMALFA® 360. This adhesive is the right choice for an inline production where the mattress is packed immediately at the end of the gluing process or when no intermediate storage space is available. Following the increase of mattress online sales, such production requirements have gained importance. Learn more about improved efficiency with fast drying adhesives.

    The SIMALFA® Competence Center is open now and we look forward to welcoming manufacturers from the mattress, upholstered furniture or any other foam processing industry here in Rafz, Switzerland. Together with our customers, we will evaluate the appropriate adhesive, optimize the application quantity and increase the efficiency of the entire bonding process. Make an appointment now!

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