SIMALFA® application equipment is in general very low-maintenance. However, equipment that is clean and well looked-after naturally lasts longer. This is why we recommend, that you give the spray guns a quick clean at the end of each work shift and then also deep clean them periodically. This guarantees consisent, problem-free usage of your equipment.

You can see how to clean spray guns here:

Roller coater cleaning

Roller coaters are very easy to clean after using our SIMALFA® adhesives. Simply let SIMALFA® dry on the roller coater (for about three hours or overnight) – then it will peel off the roller coaters easily by hand. In this way, you remove all dirt particles, such as dust etc. Wet cleaning is not recommended.

Your advantages:

  • Clean
  • Fast
  • Easy cleaning process
  • No disposal of contaminated washing water