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Roller coating with foam-bonding adhesives


The usage of rolling equipment and specialized adhesives can greatly elevate your production productivity and process stability.
The fast application of adhesives maximizes your output while the uniform application at the same time minimizes the amount of material required. These inherent process advantages lead to efficient use of resources with high process performance.

The result is an optimized production process and maximized profitability.

As a pioneer of roller application for foam processing, we offer solvent-free adhesives for various processing methods. Whether for the proven wet-bonding process, the thermo-application or the new multi-dry system method.
Depending on the situation and requirements each system has its own advantages. Combining the right adhesives with the appropriate process guarantees optimized production results.

  • High output / high productivity
  • Low amount of adhesives required for application
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to keep amount of applied material constant
  • High process stability
  • Maximum profit

With a wide range of highly efficient SIMALFA® adhesives and our many years of experience we support you in your effort to maximize production results.


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Wet bonding process


  • High quality of bonding
  • One-sided application
  • Very fast application on large areas
  • High initial tack
  • Short drying time due to low amounts of adhesive material
  • Reduced material usage due to uniform application
  • Low investment required


  • Limited application in production line (inline production)

Recommended applications:
Full surface applications like

Infrared drying process


  • Highly flexible glue line
  • Very short drying time
  • Use directly in production line (Inline production)
  • One-sided application
  • High initial tack
  • Very fast application on large areas


  • Higher usage of adhesives
  • Quality of bonding
  • Lower heat resistance
  • Increase in power consumption
  • Additional investments required
  • Susceptible to external influences (ambient temperature, air humidity, remaining material humidity and amount of applied material)
  • Short time-frame for readjustment of material
  • Fewer adhesive types available
  • Additional space required

Recommended applications:
Full surface applications like

Recommended adhesives:

The accelerator

Our Accelerators are additives to improve the instant tack of SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives.


SIMALFA® 3021 is the specialist when it comes to roller application.

The efficient one

SIMALFA® 3031 is used for the bonding of foam and upholstery materials – low application quantity, economic, extremely fast drying.

The All-Rounder

SIMALFA® 309 is a high yield, fast-setting, water based dispersion adhesive.

The strong flexible one

SIMALFA® ​​3382 improves your productivity. The adhesive is extremely flexible.


With SIMALFA® ​​360 you pack mattresses immediately after forced drying.
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