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2-Component System for foam-bonding adhesives

SIMALFA® water-based 2-component adhesive technology represents an environmentally conscious approach to foam bonding. Our waterborne solutions can match or exceed traditional solvent-based adhesive systems in terms of performance. SIMALFA® offers the most technologically advanced solutions in this regard.


Adhesives that only cure when a second component is added are referred to as 2-component adhesives. When the two components, the adhesive and the accelerator, are mixed, the adhesive is activated. For best results, the mixing ratio of the adhesive with the accelerator must be observed. SIMALFA® has high-performance 2-component adhesives for numerous applications.


SIMALFA® 2-component adhesives are used in applications with very high demands on the adhesive. Tension bonding with enormous demands on initial adhesion, the adhesion of non-porous materials such as plastics or chlorine-free ingredients are requirements that the SIMALFA® 2-component adhesive portfolio satisfies. All 2-component adhesives in the SIMALFA® range are completely solvent-free and have been independently tested for contaminants.


The SIMALFA® 2-component system solution contains everything a professional needs for perfect bonding and impresses manufacturers with its numerous advantages. Equipment matched to the adhesive guarantees best application and allows interruption-free, low-maintenance operation. The field-proven application equipment is easy to operate, affordable and designed for a long lifetime. Our adhesive experts evaluate adhesive solutions that meet your equirements and really get you ahead.

The accelerator

Our Accelerators are additives to improve the instant tack of SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives.

CR-Free Upholsterer

SIMALFA® 3752 is a solvent-free, water-based, 2-component dispersion wet contact adhesive used for bonding […]

The upholstery specialist

SIMALFA® 822 OF has a captivating initial tack and generates no overspray during application.

The upholstery expert

The adhesive is perfectly suitable for the production of upholstery or office seating furniture.
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