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1-Component System for foam-bonding adhesives

Adhesives that include all the elements they need for bonding in their commercial form are termed 1-component adhesives.

The 1-component adhesives of the SIMALFA® series are striking in their simplicity – they can be used just as supplied. In addition, as a user you do not need any large mixing systems or additional copmonents. This is because in combination with the SIMALFA® Free Flowing System, it is the easiest and most efficient adhesive application system in the world.

The accelerator

Our Accelerators are additives to improve the instant tack of SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives.

The Transport Specialist

SIMALFA® 308 FR has outstanding wet bonding properties and simultaneously a very high heat resistance.

The profitable one

SIMALFA® ​​301 is a solvent-free, pressure-sensitive dispersion adhesive with a water base used for the bonding of foams.

The efficient one

SIMALFA® 3031 is used for the bonding of foam and upholstery materials – low application quantity, economic, extremely fast drying.

The All-Rounder

SIMALFA® 309 is a high yield, fast-setting, water based dispersion adhesive.

The clean one

Worldwide the first frost-resistant wet-bonding contact adhesive on dispersion basis.
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