Demand for eco-friendly adhesives is growing steadily in the Asian region. In order to meet this demand, we are expanding our business activities under the SIMALFA® brand. With immediate effect, we will increasingly widen our offering of Swiss-made, sustainably produced adhesives in Asia.

Back in 2018, ALFA Klebstoffe AG founded the SIMALFA China Co. Ltd branch in Shanghai, together with Jochen Schanbacher as its General Manager. Since then, our business in Asia has grown in importance due to the fact that the manufacture of mattresses, upholstered furniture, car seats, and other products by international brand manufacturers is often based in Asia. A growing awareness of the significance and use of sustainable materials and increasingly stringent environmental legislation are boosting the need and demand for eco-friendly, water-based adhesives made by SIMALFA®.

Thomas Simmler, Managing Director of ALFA Klebstoffe AG: “The ‘Made in Switzerland’ quality label is not only held in high esteem and trust by corporations from Europe and America but in Asia, too. Over the past five years, Jochen Schanbacher has exploited this favourable reputation to successfully establish SIMALFA® in China. To continue honouring the significance of the Asian market, we are pleased to appoint Jochen Schanbacher to the management team. We are convinced that this market will play a decisive role in the future of our industry and that Jochen is superbly equipped to successfully expand our business activities there.”

Jochen Schanbacher has been working in Asia for over a decade and has been with SIMALFA® for 6 years. He complemented his technical training at Siemens with a business management degree from the University of St. Gallen. Given his many years of expertise in Asia and the successful development of business fields, he has impressively built up and expanded the SIMALFA® China branch. Today, he manages our business activities across the Asia-Pacific region. “We all feel the increasing fragmentation of the global economy and the importance of doing business sustainably. With SIMALFA®, a motivated team, environmentally friendly products, and a great deal of innovation, we want to contribute to a higher level of sustainability. And Asian manufacturers’ demand for water-based adhesives is considerable, because here, too, the standard of living is rising and along with it environmental awareness,” says Jochen Schanbacher, Managing Director Asia Pacific at ALFA Klebstoffe AG.

As a member of the management team, he seeks to demonstrate the high quality of SIMALFA® products and our R&D and production capabilities in the dynamic Asian market. The focus is on efficient, reliable and flexible cooperation between employees, customers and partners across the globe. Jochen Schanbacher is convinced that this approach will continue to guarantee the successful future of our international business activities.

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