Wet contact adhesives for gluing foam

In the upholstering industry, foam glues are often exposed to high tensile forces while the adhesive is still in its drying process. The challenges with gluing the bent edges of the foam at the backrest of a chair or the bent upholstery of a couch are well known. In such cases, contact adhesives enable a strong instant tack to keep the pieces together despite the tension.

For a long time, the only option for double-sided applications were solvent-based adhesives that harm the environment and workers with their toxic ingredients. With our SIMALFA® line we have developed high-quality water-based products that enable double-sided application without having to rely on harmful solvents and nevertheless perform even better than their solvent-based counterparts.

What you need to know about water-based contact adhesives

A contact adhesive is applied on both pieces that are to be joined, which reinforces the instant tack. SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives are known for their strong instant tack and therefore optimal for gluing under tension, as is the case, for instance, with the upholstered pieces of a couch being bent after gluing. One upholstery specialist for double-sided application is SIMALFA® 309, a fast-setting and strong water-based dispersion wet-contact adhesive. It tacks instantly to a wide variety of materials and is ideally suited for spray application. The high instant tack owed to the double-sided application enables an immediate continuation of the production process.


In the foam converting and upholstering industry, spray application is the way to go. Due to the flexibility of the spray guns, the adhesive can easily be sprayed onto small and uneven parts of different materials. To deliver the adhesive from its storage container to the workplace, different systems are possible: The easiest one is the Free Flowing System, using only the force of gravity to let the adhesive flow down to the spray gun.

This system is installed simply by placing the container above the workspace. Other options are systems with pumps or based on pressure to deliver the adhesive over a longer distance or if the storage container is at floor level with the workplace.

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For additional strength

Irrespective of whether one- or double-sided application is chosen, the instant tack of SIMALFA® wet contact adhesives can be boosted with one of our accelerators. They are applied simultaneously with the SIMALFA® adhesive with either our one-component plus system or in the co-spray method for SIMALFA® two-component adhesives. Either way, the adhesive and the accelerator are mixed in the perfect ratio while they are sprayed. With our one-component plus system, manufacturers can individually choose if the second component is sprayed, too.

At the touch of a button on the spray gun, you can maximize the power of the adhesive: The instant tack becomes even stronger, you can bond materials that are normally difficult to bond immediately, and you improve the efficiency of your production. This On-Demand System is the ideal supplement for your Free Flowing or pressure system.


We know that in some situations you simply need to use one-sided application adhesives. We provide adhesives that can be applied on just one side, still tack instantly, and are long-lasting. Due to the lower application quantity and easy handling, they make the production process more efficient. One of our latest developments in this area is SIMALFA® 822 OF, a two-component adhesive with very high flexibility and instant tack. It bonds perfectly with all kinds of foam such as latex, polyether and PU foam, but also with wood and other upholstery materials such as fabrics. SIMALFA® 822 OF belongs to our adhesive line that was specially developed to eliminate overspray. A net-like spray pattern during application prevents individual adhesive particles from swirling and producing overspray.

Additionally, the final strength of SIMALFA® 822 OF is very high and it is therefore ideally suited for the production of upholstered or office seating furniture.


Because adhesives make up a significant part of any upholstered piece, choosing an eco-friendly adhesive is key in the upholstering industry. All our adhesives are naturally sustainable because they are solvent-free and based on water. But we are also proud to present the newest chlorine- and as a result halogen-free formulated adhesive, SIMALFA® 374. It is an adhesive on a dispersion basis that meets the strictest requirements of current and future regulations and ecolabels.

SIMALFA® 374 is a two-component water-based wet contact adhesive and a specialist for bonding foams and wood. Its great instant tack and final bonding outperform every expectation placed on less sustainable adhesives.

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